Stacy Bostjanick, the DoD’s head of CMMC, presented at a streamed promotional web event for PreVeil and appears to have been openly violating Virginia state’s distracted driving laws. I’m going to be very careful and say “appears to have” because maybe — just maybe — there’s some other explanation for what everyone could plainly see in the live stream. Maybe.

Stacy Bostjanick, from her car, bottom right.

First of all, let’s muse on the crass ethical stink that Bostjanick’s appearance at a PreVeil event raises on its own. US Government officials are not supposed to be using their office to promote one company over another, but Bostjanick hasn’t yet met an ethical rule she can’t seem to either forget or ignore. From FOIA requests to CAGE code violations, she’s like a virginal newborn lamb when it comes to identifying legal or ethical lapses. Like Baby Yoda eating a blue macaron.

If promoting PreVeil wasn’t bad enough, Bostjanick and her office have gone all-in on promoting “Project Spectrum,” a shady-as-fuck operation that has ties to known spies, as well as the dubious MISI Dreamport outfit. She plugged them, too, during the PreVeil event.

And, of course, Bostjanick seems only able to release official DoD information on CMMC when she does so behind paywall news outlets, like Inside Cybersecurity, enabling that private company to earn money by selling subscriptions. It doesn’t hurt that Inside Cybersecurity‘s Sara Friedman is a combination of softball pitcher and speed typist, not an actual reporter.

So if I seem a bit below-the-belt by pointing out how Bostajanick may have broken Virginia law while on live camera — apparently holding her cell phone in her hand while driving — then understand this: it’s to point out the overall pattern of contempt that Bostjanick has for rules that might apply to her.

This also adds another pin to the map of the overall culture of lawlessness that passes for DoD “leadership” these days. Bostjanick’s bosses at DoD, including the bumbling John Sherman and AWOL Dave McKeown, are so reliant on Bostjanick to manage the CMMC trainwreck, they actually promoted her. During the PreVeil stream, she announced she had been given “additional responsibilities” and a new title: Chief of Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity.

In related news, everyone in China laughed and laughed and laughed, because they just realized the person they are up against apparently can’t (a) get to work before 2:30 PM, or (b) use an $11 cell phone car mount.

(And, yes, using a cell phone in your hand while driving is illegal in both Virginia and DC.)

But, again, maybe she had a perfectly good explanation. We can’t see her hands, so maybe she had a miniature drone flying around the inside of her car filming her, and she had both hands on the wheel. Maybe she wasn’t in Virginia at all, and they have moved her office to a state where there are no handheld ban laws, like Arkansas or Pyongyang. Maybe the live feed wasn’t real at all, and the entire thing was generated by some AI program. Maybe we all hallucinated and have Ozymandias to blame.

Either that or the DoD is a shit-show and has no actual idea on how to do the stuff that is, literally, in their name.


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