Totally young and hip dude Gavin Jordan.

Meet Gavin Jordan, a UK-based consultant with Interface NRM. Gordan thought it would be a good idea to spam LinkedIn with a set of posts glowingly praising ISO’s move to add “climate change” to ISO 9001. Then, when things didn’t go quite as he expected, he just decided to go full-on ageist and accuse critics of his blatant suckuppery of being “angry old white men.

Point of order: Jordan is himself super-white and prematurely bald, so visually fits the description of the group of people he apparently hates. Projection much?

In his post, Jordan shouts, “At last!” and praises ISO for making a “significant enhancement” to ISO 9001 with its dopey climate change addendum.

This update marks an evolution, not a revolution, of the existing standards, introducing additional requirements under section 4, the “Context of the organization.” This obviously has implications for what organisations need to implement, and what will be audited. As you read-on below, you will see that we believe this change will put a greater emphasis on carbon foot-printing and carbon reduction.

Yes, Jordan is writing in the plural “we,” because he’s either French, pregnant, or has a mouse in his pocket.

The comments didn’t go as planned, however, as people lamented ISO’s craven move, saying they wished there was a “downvote button” on LinkedIn to respond to Jordan’s post and insisting, “what a stupid move.

Jordan wasn’t having it and figured instead of supporting the people who are likely to buy his services, he’d throw his own reputation under the bus for ISO, who — I can assure you — not only don’t care a bit about Jordan, but never even heard of the fucking guy.

Does anyone want to break it to this “youngster” that consultants sucking up to ISO is as old as ISO itself, and he’s actually engaging in the toxic practices of his grandparents and shockingly out of step with contemporary thinking?

When I confronted him, he doubled down on the ageist thing because I guess he thinks the people who own the companies likely to buy his services are all 14-year-old 4Chan users.

Pro tip: one man can’t “mansplain” anything to another man.

Also, disagreement isn’t censorship, you delicate snowflake. But apparently Jordan thinks that posting on the internet means he will only get comments from people who agree with him. I know I’m old and earned my hair loss through actual work, but I also know that’s not how the internet works.

Just more proof of how toxic ISO consultants are, no matter their age.

Seriously, people, just stop it. Sucking up to ISO isn’t going to help you build your consultancy, but it will cripple it. ISO doesn’t pay your bills. Clients do, and they hate ISO’s latest shenanigans.


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