Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris has joined the Advisory Board for Carnegie Aerospace, a UK-based technology company that uses state-of-the-art AI to automate manual, repetitive work in aerospace and defense.

Their software streamlines manufacturing and quality teams. For manufacturing work, Carnegie has built an AI-enabled Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which helps the whole business keep track of product as it passes through the shop floor. For quality work, Carnegie has built a Quality Automation System (QAS) that eliminates human error from the work of quality managers.

The result is less human error, higher predictability, and higher throughput.

For the past few months, Paris has helped the Carnegie team craft the platform around AS9100 requirements as well as best industry practices, US defense industry requirements, and the knowledge Paris has gained from working with aerospace companies over nearly a quarter of a century.

Paris and Oxebridge built the original ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality management system for SpaceX, and later consulted on the ISO 9001 system for Starlink. Paris built quality management systems for Surrey Satellite, Hensoldt, GKN Aerospace, and, more recently, X-Bow Launch Systems, Vast Space, and Piper Aircraft. He has consulted for Lufthansa, Northrup Grumman, the US Air Force, NASA and L3.

The Carnegie platform will help enterprises and OEMs build and maintain a QMS, while also automating contract review activities, process improvement, manufacturing and inspection methods, and supply chain management. Offerings for smaller companies are also planned.

Paris joins other Carnegie Aerospace Advisory Board members including the former Commander of US Air Force Life Cycle Management (personally responsible for $254 bn annual procurement), a former Head of Manufacturing from Boeing, and a former Director General of the UK Ministry of Defence.

Paris is helping the company establish a US base in order to ensure full ITAR compliance.

If you are interested in joining the waitlist for Carnegie’s platform, message OQR@oxebridge.com.


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