Nicole Baldridge, of Baldridge Consulting (not related to Oxebridge except through rhyme), is offering companies a free review of their third-party ISO 9001 audit reports. This means the CB report and its findings, not your internal audits.

Posting on LinkedIn, Ms. Baldridge noted that amongst her consulting clients, the request for her to review their CB’s reports has increased over the last year and a half.

I suspect with all of the changes in the regulatory environment there has been confusion left in the wake of the third party auditor as the door closes behind them on that last audit day. As an “old” Registrar/NB auditor I somewhat understand why clients wouldn’t challenge the findings or question the report data. Most are just glad the audit is over and want to move on.

The issue they run into when they do that is interpreting the findings, especially the NCR’s. An incorrect NCR can lead to bigger problems at the next audit and possibly the loss of the certifications. We don’t like seeing those things happen, especially when a young business is just getting on its feet and still navigating the regulatory world.

I wrote to Ms. Baldridge to clarify if she was seeking to defend the CB’s findings and explain them to the client, or point out bogus findings, and she said it was, “a little of both.”

I really feel like in many cases the clients just don’t always understand what the auditor was even trying to say.  More often I find that the auditor was too busy pushing his or her opinions on the client to actually be auditing objectively.  The reports need translation is probably a good way to describe it.

While Oxebridge offers a similar service (also free), Baldridge Consulting offers ISO 13485 medical device consulting, which is something Oxebridge has moved away from. And it can’t hurt to have a whole other consultancy on board with this offer to user organizations. Clients facing questionable nonconformities or simply audit reports they don’t understand now have places they can turn to.

Baldridge Consulting’s website, with contact information, is here.