Bohemia NY based company AmpliTech announced last month that it won a General Services Administration (GSA) contract with the US Federal Government, for a value of $500,000 with three 5-year extension options. In its press release, AmpliTech boasted of its ISO 9001 certificate, which — given GSA bidding procedures — was also likely provided to the US government in order for AmpliTech to win the contract.

The ISO 9001 certificate used by AmpliTech was purchased by the self-accredited “certificate mill” company Guberman PMC, and features the logo of a nonexistent accreditation body “ABAC.” That exact certificate was at the center of a scandal in 2017, when it was discovered that Guberman PMC had issued AmpliTech a copy of the certificate that illegally used the logos of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the accredited registrar RENAR. Both IAF and RENAR alerted Guberman PMC that their logos were used in violation of international copyright law.

Oxebridge had previously contacted AmpliTech CEO Fawad Maqbool, but Mr. Magbool delegated it to another company representative, Don Sartorius. Despite the evidence presented, AmpliTech elected to keep publicizing its Guberman PMC certificate, and still has it shown on their website. Mr. Maqbool is named in the AmpliTech press release.

Facing litigation by IAF, Guberman PMC then issued AmpliTech a corrected certificate, without the RENAR and IAF logos. Guberman representatives then concocted a fantastic story that the entire scandal was the result of a “sting” operation they conducted to trap IAF and RENAR, but that did not explain why they were using the logos on certificates sold to companies such as AmpliTech.

Guberman PMC is not accredited by RENAR or IAF, and instead obtained the logos after Guberman PMC itself purchased an unaccredited ISO certificate from an Indian certificate mill, Generic Management Services. That company now appears to be shuttered.

If AmpliTech indicated in their GSA application that they held accredited ISO 9001 certification, this could be viewed as felony fraud by the GSA’s Office of the Inspector General. It may be possible that GSA did not request any information related to AmpliTech’s ISO 9001 certification, however. The GSA OIG has been alerted to the issue.

Guberman PMC sells unaccredited ISO 9001 and other certificates, and then accuses the various accreditation bodies of international war crimes, Nazism and terrorism in order to differentiate his services. Guberman PMC once agreed to provide ISO 9001 certification to a fictional company that claimed to manufacture life preservers made of cement. The Guberman PMC certificates include various logos for nonexistent companies or websites operated by Guberman or Labelle. The YouTube channel for Daryl Guberman features dozens of videos accusing the IAF, ANAB and ASQ of Nazism and antisemitism.

International accreditation rules officially recognized by the US government demand that ISO 9001 certification bodies be accredited by independent organizations. The Guberman companies share the same two officers, Daryl Guberman and Don Labelle. The websites also rely on fabricated staff and advisory boards, using photos of dead people, Russian models and elderly persons without their permission in order to make their organizations appear legitimate. Many of the people featured on the Guberman websites claim they never heard of the company, and never worked for them.

Guberman has the support of at least one key US leader in the ISO field, ANSI TAG 176 Chair Paul Palmes.