Donald Norman LaBelle, the co-operator of the unaccredited certificate mill G-PMC Registrars, falsely claimed to have won an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2010, and appears to have created a fake newspaper clipping to support it.

On his YouTube channel, LaBelle’s avatar appears to be an official news clipping from the Boston Business Review newspaper, which claims LaBelle was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” for his company Industrial Leaders Group. The graphic claims the award was issued by the Boston Business Review.

The claim appears entirely fake, however, in keeping with LaBelle’s practice of publishing false press releases through his press release distribution network at There is no such organization as the “Boston Business Review,” and no such award was ever issued. In addition, the date of the article — Sunday, August 30, 2010 — reveals the newspaper clipping to be fake: August 30th of 2010 was a Monday.

LaBelle has since partnered with Daryl Guberman to flood news outlets with similar press releases claiming their companies have received awards and recognitions which never actually occurred. Guberman has claimed to have the support of the US Federal government in his issuing of his unaccredited ISO 9001 certificates, and the two conspired to widely publicize a false claim that Guberman had one an industry award as “Best ISO Consultant.”

LaBelle and Guberman publish hundreds of press releases criticizing their critics and competitors, including US federal agencies and international companies, of supporting terrorism and various other crimes. Guberman is running for US Senate in Connecticut and appears largely supported through in-kind donations given by LaBelle, which may run afoul of US election laws. Guberman has been collecting donations for his campaign, with the assistance of LaBelle, since 2016, but has never registered as an official candidate. For years, Guberman claimed to be running for Senate elections in years where Connecticut did not even have an election scheduled.

LaBelle’s Twitter feed was suspended, according to a message on that platform. A prior tweet from another Twitter user accused LaBelle of “spamming.”

LaBelle previously hired two individuals from the Philippines to conduct bulk cold calling for the ISO certificate mill operation, in an attempt to skirt US minimum wage laws. Oxebridge confirmed the two Filipinos were paid wages below that of the US minimum wage, and that one woman accepted the work because she was desperate for money to pay for medicine for her baby. They were tasked with cold-calling potential clients for G-PMC LLC, a company operated by Guberman and LaBelle.

Guberman and LaBelle continue to use the photos of dead veterans while falsely claiming the individuals sit on their “Board of Advisors,” a fact that Guberman may have to defend to the press should his Senate campaign ever be officially launched. For years, Guberman and LaBelle have refused to remove the photos.

Guberman’s wife, Dr. Felice Guberman, faced an ethics complaint in the State of Connecticut, where she works for the Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services, providing therapy for at-risk veterans; Dr. Guberman was listed as the managing agent for the G-PMC company at the same time as her employment with the State. Despite this, the State closed the ethics complaint and has refused to provide an explanation.

LaBelle’s YouTube channel features only a handful of videos, including two featuring actresses dressed in tight clothing and promoting his Industrial PR network. One features a young actress in a miniskirt and features the risque title, “Expose Yourself to the World with Industrial”

LaBelle now faces a US Federal lawsuit by Oxebridge for defamation, illegal wiretapping, fraud, civil conspiracy and various other complaints. Sources say the US accreditation body ANAB is also considering legal action against Guberman and LaBelle, for falsely claiming the company supports terrorism and engages in anti-Semitism.