On November 2, 2019, Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris launched the recurring ISO 9001 themed comic strip, THE AUDITOR. In celebration of the strip’s first anniversary, Oxebridge has collected the entire first year’s strips into one publication, THE AUDITOR: YEAR ONE.

The strip features the misadventures of Ray Battlesbee, Lead Auditor with the ISO 9001 registrar NQF International. Alongside a recurring cast of co-auditors, including “Little Timmy” the puppet and ANAB witness auditor Dale Carcinogen, Ray terrorizes his clients through never-ending nonsensical interpretations of standards and the most boorish workplace behavior since Pharma Bro fought Attila the Hun.

The YEAR ONE collection includes all the strips from November 2019 to November 2020, and covers Ray’s auditing of his client, Alex, as well as when Alex tries to learn more about auditing by attending the annual ISO 9000 Conference. Alex eventually meets cultists from ASQ and CQI, and even meets famous ISO and AS luminaries such as Nigel Croft,  Tim Lee and the IAF’s elusive Elva Nilsen.

Ray is almost fired for exposing himself on camera during a remote audit, but his brutish savvy and tight relationship with ANAB help him go on to torture Alex and his fellow employees once again, during a grueling ANAB witness audit. And there are chili-rubbed ribs, of course.

With many of the events based on Paris’ real-world experiences with ISO auditors, THE AUDITOR quickly became must-read content for quality management professionals around the world. The strips continue to appear on the official webpage at www.oxebridge.com/the-auditor, but YEAR ONE provides the entire first year’s strips in one easy-to-read PDF file.

The e-book features over 170 strips, plus pages of new behind-the-scenes content by Paris, discussing how the strip came to be, and some of the hidden Easter eggs found in the series.

Adult content warning: this material features profanity and adult content, and is not intended for children.

To download your free copy of THE AUDITOR: YEAR ONE, click here. (The file is 65 MB, so please allow time to download completely.)

To give a donation to support the work that goes into producing THE AUDITOR, visit the official Oxebridge Patreon page at www.patreon.com/oxebridge. Donations and subscriptions of any amount are welcome.