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The owner of the self-accredited ISO 9001 certificate mill Guberman PMC LLC, Daryl Guberman, filed a lawsuit against a US Federal Judge who previously ruled against him in a defamation lawsuit brought by Oxebridge. The case was immediately dismissed by the Court.

Daryl Guberman

In the Oxebridge suit, Judge William Jung ruled that Guberman was in contempt of court, and granted a full judgment in favor of Oxebridge. So far, the court has awarded Oxebridge and its founder Christopher Paris a total of $1.6 million in damages, but additional sanctions and possible penalties are expected.

Guberman consistently ignored court orders during that case, refusing to participate in mandatory mediation, selection of mediators, and appearance at hearings. He was ordered to obtain counsel for his company, and hired Tallahassee attorney Bruce Minnick, but then sidelined the attorney by writing to the Judge’s chambers and indicating that the attorney was disallowed from representing him. During one mandatory hearing, Minnick did not even attend, risking his own sanctions and disbarment.

The multiple refusals to comply with Federal court orders and rules led Jung to declare Guberman in contempt of court, and resulted in the award to Oxebridge. Guberman had adopted a “sovereign citizen” defense which is based on the far-right, fringe conspiracy theory that US courts have no authority over US citizens. The legal argument made by “sovcit” adherents is that because US birth certificates put babies’ names in all capitals, this is an attempt by the government to convert humans into corporations.

The sovereign citizen movement has been declared a bigger domestic US threat than fundamental Islamic terrorism. Such believers think they can kill and not be held to any US laws which, they argue, apply only to corporations, and not “whole humans.”

At one point warned by the Judge that he faced “coercive incarceration” for contempt, Guberman sent a threatening email to Judge Jung, taunting him to “come get me” and suggesting he would fight to the death to defend his liberty. The Judge appeared to have ignored the threat.

In response to his devastating loss in the Oxebridge case, Guberman filed a lawsuit on May 26th against Judge Jung, alleging violations of his constitutional rights. Guberman appears to have used free template forms obtained from the conspiracy theory website Family Guardian, an anti-tax organization. He represented himself without an attorney.

In his cover sheet, Guberman referred to Judge Jung as “Court Employee – ‘The Man’ .” Guberman has latched onto a sovereign citizen belief that Courts are corporations, and therefore not actual government bodies.

Guberman has maintained that the burden of proof of jurisdiction lies with the Court and, specifically, the Judge. Despite multiple rulings by the Court declaring that Oxebridge had proven jurisdiction, Guberman remained unconvinced and continued to demand the Judge prove his authority over him. Those claims persisted in Guberman’s latest suit against the Judge. His filing demanded that Jung prove, to Guberman’s satisfaction, that he had expertise in ISO and “business contacts in Florida.”

His filing then demanded the Judge pay $686,000 to compensate him for various losses, including some he alleged occurred due to Oxebridge. This included a claim, made under penalty of perjury, that Guberman spent $72,000 on phone calls to his business partner, Don LaBelle. Guberman lives in Connecticut, with LaBelle only 90 minutes away in Massachusetts, so the figures appear grossly exaggerated.

Envelope submitted into evidence, addressing Judge Jung as “The Man”

Filed on a Friday, the Court immediately dismissed the Guberman suit on Monday morning, citing longstanding US Federal rulings which grant Judges “judicial immunity” from suits arising from their Courts’ orders and outcomes. The dismissal was issued by a separate Federal Judge, Tom Barber.

Guberman has made the bizarre claim that he won the case against Oxebridge, and is due to receive a $2.1 million award. He has also claimed the case is before the Supreme Court, and yet has not filed an appeal. In the United States, cases must first exhaust all appeals courts before being submitted to the Supreme Court, which typically accepts only 10% of cases put before it. The process can take over a decade.

Guberman has launched a number of YouTube videos declaring Florida Federal courts corrupt, and suggesting his own attorney was bribed to collude with Oxebridge’s attorney in order to defeat him. Without naming Jung, he also suggested the Judge had been bribed.

Oxebridge now prepares to move the Court for additional damages, and an order to force Guberman to remove over 180 URLs worth of defamatory material posted by Guberman and LaBelle which falsely accuse Oxebridge and Paris of crimes such as fraud, theft, piracy, terrorism and treason.

UPDATE 7 June 2020. Guberman has responded to the loss of both lawsuits by launching a series of videos defaming Judge Jung by name. Without naming Oxebridge, he nevertheless continues defaming the company, accusing it of being anti-American.

UPDATE 23 July 2020. Defendant Don LaBelle also sued Judge Jung in a separate attempted lawsuit, filing paperwork without an attorney. LaBelle did not pay the mandatory $400 court filing fee, so the case was thrown out. LaBelle then filed an amended complaint, but again did not pay the filing fee. The court ordered LaBelle to either pay the fee or filing paperwork declaring himself a “pauper,” which he did not do; the case was thrown out a second time.

The two have resumed openly defaming both Oxebridge and Paris, making new and increasingly inflammatory false claims and all but ensuring additional damages and sanctions.

They have published new videos of Judge Jung photoshopped to appear like Hitler, declaring him a Nazi for ruling against Guberman. In some videos, Guberman dresses up as a Jewish concentration camp prisoner, and photoshopped his image onto an image of Auschwitz. Both LaBelle and Guberman claim the US Federal court cannot demand they do anything, since “slavery was abolished.”


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