A Federal Judge has handed Oxebridge a complete victory in its lawsuit against the operators of the ISO certificate mill Guberman-PMC LLC. In a scathing ruling, the Judge declared Daryl Guberman and Don LaBelle in contempt of court, striking their pleadings entirely. The two narrowly escaped incarceration, which the Judge had been mulling in a prior ruling.

The Guberman PMC corporation was also found in contempt for failing to attend mandatory hearings.

Guberman PMC issues certificates for ISO 9001 and other management systems, under the “accreditation” of a company alleged to be called “ABAC.” That body appears to be simply a website run by Guberman and LaBelle themselves, and not an actual accreditation body. Nevertheless, the men falsely claim Guberman PMC is “independently accredited” and “federally recognized.” Guberman and LaBelle’s marketing strategy is comprised mainly of defaming competitors in the ISO certification scheme and accusing them of various crimes, such as supporting terrorism. The two inflate the appearance of their staff through the use of photos of dead veterans, stock models and the elderly.

Oxebridge sued Guberman and LaBelle for defamation, illegal wiretapping, invasion of privacy, and various complaints related to the filing of fraudulent DMCA notices. The two adopted “sovereign citizen” defenses, repeatedly refusing to acknowledge the authority of the court. Both men filed multiple accusations that the court lacked jurisdiction even after multiple Court Orders declared jurisdiction had been proven.

Sovereign citizen defenses rarely work, usually resulting in jail for those who press it.

In the latest ruling, the Court wrote:

The Court has been patient with these three Defendants. But once the fully briefed and fully heard personal jurisdiction motions, which they actually filed twice, were resolved against them, they decided the ruling was not to their liking, and they started defying orders to participate in the lawsuit. They are not required to participate and defend, so long as they are aware of the consequences. The default judgments entered today are the results of this choice.

For years, Guberman and LaBelle wrote defamatory posts about Oxebridge and Paris, and then used LaBelle’s “paid press release service” to ensure global distribution of the defamation. LaBelle operates a series of companies — none of which appear to be legally registered — dedicated to press release distribution, including Industrial Leaders Group, Industrial PR.Net, and Manufacturing Partners.

Guberman, meanwhile, posts hundreds of YouTube videos declaring his enemies as traitors and criminals; his videos rarely get more than 10 views each, although do appear in Google searches. Many of these defamed Oxebridge and Paris.

Guberman and LaBelle represented themselves without attorneys, taking many of their filings from “SovCit” and anti-tax conspiracy websites, such as Family Guardian. The SovCit movement has been declared by the US Dept. of Justice to be a greater domestic terrorism threat than radical fundamental Islam, because of the belief systems of its adherents. Sovereign citizens ignore any and all laws they wish to, claiming that such laws only apply to a “straw man” created by the government upon birth, and not upon the human being himself. The belief system is steeped in bizarre conspiracy theories. Sovereign citizens sometimes believe they can commit murder, arguing that the laws against homicide do not apply to them.

Guberman and LaBelle previously threatened Paris on multiple occasions, once threatening to visit Paris’s home in Peru with a gaggle of “gun owners.” Guberman has a prior arrest for DUI in Connecticut.

Threatened with “coercive incarceration” by a prior Court Order, Guberman submitted an email to the Judge’s chambers challenging the Judge to “come get me” and suggesting he would fight to the death to resist arrest. It does not appear the Judge ever read Guberman’s email.

Oxebridge will now file a motion for relief and damages, which is sure to include a requirement that Guberman and LaBelle remove all defamatory posts. In addition, financial damages will be requested, along with various other sanctions and penalties, and full attorney’s fees. Because much of the defamation falsely accused Oxebridge and Paris of crimes, the court is allowed to award damages without Oxebridge having to prove them with financial statements.

The financial impact on Guberman and LaBelle is likely to be ruinous, said Paris. “This is the end of days for Guberman PMC and their defamation machine. And it will act as a signal to others who try to defame Oxebridge. We win these suits.

It is unlikely Guberman or LaBelle will voluntarily pay the resulting damages, but will face liens and credit rating issues if they fail to do so. Failing to pay court-ordered penalties may result in jail.

Oxebridge is simultaneously litigating a defamation suit related to the “Oxebridge Quality Lawsuits” website, which also falsely accused Oxebridge and Paris of crimes, and linked to the material published by Guberman and LaBelle.

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