Bruno Bruehwiler

Bruno Bruehwiler

Events are unfolding quickly, so if you aren’t up to date on the “Swiss Coup” of ISO TC 262 for risk management, I suggest you read this post to get up to speed.

As you know. TC 262 was forced to issue a ballot calling on its Working Group 2 (WG2) to be disbanded due to the disruption and mismanagement of its Chair, Switzerland’s Bruno Bruehwiler. Bruewhiler is trying to scuttle the work done by TC 262 to revise ISO 31000, and replace the current Design Spec (DS) with a proposal for a standard written by him and his Swiss standards body. His competing standard was not developed in accordance with official procedures, and has been rebuffed, but Bruehwiler is nevertheless insisting it be debated on equal terms with the official DS, during an upcoming meeting of WG2 in Rio de Janeiro.

The only problem is that ISO rules prohibit a WG from debating competing standards, and reserves that right only to the mothership TC.  Those rules exist to prevent this exact scenario, where an emboldened WG Chair attempts to thwart the entire TC by forcing his own vision on the world, thereby bypassing all consensus.

Pardon my Swiss, but Bruehwiler doesn’t give a shit.

He, alongside his willing dupe from France, Rodolphe Civet, released a memo to TC 262 members defiantly claiming he was intending on discussing his anti-standard anyway, while continuing to defame the rest of his Technical Committee by claiming the current DS was the work of “a small group of experts” who are “attempting to impose limits and disrupt the process.” To any outside observer, Bruno and his band perhaps no more than five representatives are the small, disruptive group, but there’s no convincing Bruehwiler.

But rules don’t matter to Bruehwiler, and he says as much (emphasis added):

As I informed you some days ago the draft agenda of the Rio meeting is intending to continue the revision of ISO 31000 based on the documents draft DS N186, the parking lot items since the Chicago meeting N0074 and the alternative concept for the revision of ISO 31000 in document N0073. It is important that we open now a broad discussion on the evolution of ISO 31000 to a state-of-the-art risk management standard. I ask you again to abandon worthless discussions on formalities and to proceed to a fruitful work on standardization.

You can download the full Civet / Bruehwiler document here, and see for yourself the vitriol being thrown around. Shameful.

Absent, as always, is TC 262 Chair Kevin Knight, whose leadership style is best imagined as a guy blissfully driving a bus, but the bus is on fire. And filled with grenades. And carrying the plague.



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