It’s not clear what the thinking process is over at the ASQ headquarters, but it’s increasingly bizarre. CEO William Troy, General Counsel Ann Jordan and the ASQ Board have lost an incredible opportunity to de-escalate a growing conflict between ASQ and Oxebridge, which now seems destined for an expensive legal battle, further ensuring the anger of ASQ members who will resent the fact that their appropriated funds will be used to pay lawyers, rather than to help promote Section activities.

To recap, recent evidence — including voice recordings and official ASQ emails — show ASQ officials and TAG 176 leaders worked to ban me from all ASQ appearances, purely out of spite for the fact-based reporting my site does. In addition, a growing number of ASQ staffers, Fellows, Senior Members and TAG 176 officials have been openly engaged in defamation, by spreading false claims about myself and Oxebridge for the purpose of shutting down this website, and putting Oxebridge out of business entirely. This included the filing of dozens of fraudulent DMCA notices, which itself is a violation of US Federal law, and the openly false claim that “Oxebridge is bankrupt.”

For those thinking I spiked that last paragraph with the term “fact-based reporting,” consider this. Not once in the 18 years this site has reported on the ISO certification scheme and ASQ, has ASQ ever filed a single request for clarification, retraction or correction. Not once in 18 years. 

Nearly all of the defamation has been produced by ASQ members or staffers, with the exception of the dozens of defamatory YouTube videos and potentially hundreds of posts made by certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman. Now, however, evidence comes to light that Guberman has been acting with the support and direct participation of ASQ members, bringing the entire scandal into a neat circle. Guberman threw ASQ under the bus by publishing emails and voicemails sent to him by TAG Leaders Alka Jarvis and Paul Palmes, and at least one ASQ official, Jennifer Admussen.

ASQ is furious at Oxebridge’s reporting of its activities, including the fundraising it did a few years back for an event that never happened, and the fact that it never filed any income from the effort on their mandatory IRS tax filings. But sources tell me they flew into a new rage when I reported on the dramatic decision by the ASQ Board and Troy to confiscate all local Section funds and collect them into a central bank account under the control of the Milwaukee HQ. This has led members to publicly cry foul, left helpless as the HQ takes funds the Sections worked to collect for years, often without any help from Milwaukee. It was later revealed the move was to offset financial problems facing the ASQ home organization, allowing it to collect interest on the collated funds, and while robbing the Sections of that same opportunity.

ASQ then made their situation much worse by refusing to accept an unprecedented opportunity to avoid a protracted lawsuit regarding the defamation and harassment. I reached out to Troy, as well as ASQ’s General Counsel Jordan, and offered them an opportunity to sit down and “de-escalate” their campaign against Oxebridge before I filed suit. I even suggested they fill the room with their attorneys, while I would opt to appear without any legal representation. I thought that giving them a heavily one-sided arrangement might entice them to sit down. Instead, Troy and the organization ignored the request, which had been made months ago, and have cut off all communication regarding the problem. This leaves Oxebridge with only the courts as the means of resolving the conflict.

And all of it could have been resolved at absolutely no cost to ASQ or its members. Zero dollars.

So if your ASQ Section funds disappear, don’t blame Oxebridge. ASQ’s management was given unprecedented opportunities to resolve this in a calm, professional manner, with the deck stacked in their favor, and entirely behind the scenes. They rejected that, and now appear doomed to use the money they appropriated from the ASQ Sections, forcibly, to fund a misguided and totally avoidable, public legal battle.

In the meantime, you can still donate to the ISO 9001 USers Legal Defense Fund, by clicking here, because Oxebridge doesn’t have a massive network of Sections to arbitrarily take money from.


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