A number of new videos published by certificate mill operator Daryl Guberman appear to reveal that former TAG 176 Chair Alka Jarvis, of Cisco Systems, did collude with Guberman and ASQ administrator Jennifer Admussen to prevent Oxebridge founder Christopher Paris from speaking at any ASQ events anywhere in the country. Jarvis previously denied having any relationship to Guberman, after Paris contacted Cisco’s Legal Division, who then asked her to answer the charge.

In a May 14 response to Oxebridge, Jarvis wrote, “I am not involved with Daryl Guberman.” Oxebridge published an article on May 15th, clearing Jarvis of involvement with Guberman. This prompted Guberman to publish multiple videos disproving Jarvis’ claim, showing she did in fact communicate with him and carry his message to ASQ leadership, asking that Paris be permanently banned from all ASQ events. If the Guberman materials are authentic, then it means Jarvis not only lied to Oxebridge, but also to the in-house counsel of her employers at Cisco.

Verified email sent by Alka Jarvis to Christopher Paris in May, 2018.

In his videos, Guberman holds up and reads the text from an email exchange between himself, Jarvis and Admussen in which they discuss having Paris removed from an October 2016 speaking event in Huntsville AL. In the email, Jarvis requests that Admussen work to ban Paris from all speaking engagements entirely.

[To ASQ Administrator and TAG Secretary Jennifer Admussen]:

Can you please review what Daryl has written below and check into Section 1503? Who is the head of that Section? Agree with Daryl that CP should not be allowed to be a speaker in any of the ASQ Chapters. Since itme is critical, if you could get back to us and let us know the folloowing, that would be great.

Is there any way that ASQ can intervene wiht a chapter and cancel CP as a speaker?

Who would ASQ need to contact to make this happen?


All the best,


Guberman then claims that Jarvis wrote back to him, updating him on the status of her request. Guberman reads the email as follows:

Jennifer has indicated that she has escalated the issue to two senior leaders of ASQ. Have not heard anything back.

The emails appear authentic, and neither Jarvis nor ASQ have disputed them. The emails appear to have gone through Jarvis’ Cisco email server, meaning that Cisco has records of the exchange. Oxebridge has reached out to Cisco to confirm.

Angered by her denial, Guberman has since released a video which implies Jarvis was “fired” from Cisco, presumably for having lied to their in-house Counsel; this could not be confirmed, however.

This latest revelation adds more layers to an already complicated scandal involving the highest-ranking officials in ASQ. In November of 2014, Admussen attempted to have Paris removed as speaker for an ASQ event at Fordham University in New York City, and suggested Paris be replaced by ASQ-approved speakers, which included Jarvis and TAG official Lorri Hunt. Oxebridge filed a complaint against ASQ for the action, asking Admussen to recuse herself, but Admussen processed the complaint personally and dismissed the complaint. ANSI, which co-manages the TAG activities, then refused to take up the complaint and conduct an independent review.

Years later, current TAG 176 Chair Paul Palmes attempted to convince ASQ’s lawyers to sue Oxebridge for reporting done by Paris which revealed Palmes had padded his resume by adding over 20 years of ISO-related experience he did not actually have. When ASQ’s lawyers refused to launch a suit, Palmes instead approached Guberman to add fuel to Guberman’s defamation campaign against Oxebridge, and his attempts to have the Oxebridge website shut down. Palmes left a voice mail for Guberman saying he was “pissed off” by ASQ’s lawyers, promising to provide Guberman additional information against Paris. Guberman then published the Palmes’ voicemails on his YouTube channel. Guberman then went on to create a series of homophobic videos in which he implied Paris was in a homosexual relationship with former ANAB VP Randy Dougherty. Neither Palmes nor Jarvis have denounced the videos. Palmes was alerted to Guberman through an email provided by Hunt, who recommended Palmes contact Guberman, meaning that Hunt was also aware of, if not involved with, Guberman’s defamation campaign.

Now it comes to light that Jarvis attempted to have the 2016 Huntsville event canceled as well, writing to Admussen that Paris should not be allowed to attend any ASQ events at all. Yet again, the 2016 event was held by the Section, who apparently rejected the demands from ASQ HQ. Paris was given a recognition award at the Huntsville event and was subsequently invited back.

At the same time, Guberman appears to be working with both ASQ Section Chair Bill Levinson and the moderators of the Elsmar forum to harass and threaten clients and supporters of Oxebridge. One donor to the Oxebridge Legal Defense Fund received harassing emails from Levinson, under his own name, and then shortly thereafter a series of threatening emails from an anonymous source using a Swiss email anonymizer service. The emails link all of the cases — Levinson, Elsmar, Guberman and ASQ — suggesting collusion between the parties. One email threatens a new set of cyber attacks against the Oxebridge email and phone system, coming from an email address “elsmarlawsuit@protonmail.ch,” and which subsequently made juvenile sexual taunts.

The overall net effect of the defamation campaign, launched originally in 2000 by the Elsmar moderators, has been a pollution of Google search results for Oxebridge. Not content with this, the perpetrators are growing increasingly desperate to further their damage, skirting dangerously close to violations of US Federal law. To date, Guberman has filed some 50 or more fraudulent DMCA notices to “take down” the Oxebridge website, some of which were done with the permission of ASQ officials and TAG members, such as Palmes and Jarvis. The filing of such notices is illegal under US law.

Oxebridge has also seen an uptick in hack attempts, threatening phone calls, threatening emails and other forms of harassment, in violation of both state and Federal cyberstalking laws. Levinson was cited by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for having violated Oxebridge’s trademark by creating a “revenge site” at oxebridge.biz, in which he — like Guberman — falsely accused Paris of terrorism and other crimes. Levinson even defended researching Paris’ children in his defamation attacks, saying that doing so was fair game because Paris mentioned he had children. ASQ’s Board and CEO William Troy has continued to support Levinson, despite telling Paris he was “disgusted” by the actions. Likewise, Troy has refused to take action against Admussen or other ASQ staffers and Senior members despite increasing evidence of their role in the disparagement campaign against Oxebridge.

Oxebridge has called for ASQ to fire the staffers involved, eject both Palmes and Jarvis from the TAG 176, and to call for new TAG elections or to have the TAG Chair position be given to runner-up Craig Williams. Williams co-authored a book on ISO 9001 with Lorri Hunt, but so far does not appear to have been involved in the defamation campaign.

ASQ is furious at Oxebridge for its reporting on the TAG’s faulty elections and ASQ’s recent decision to force all Sections to surrender local money to the HQ, for centralized control. To date, however, they have been unable to prove any of the reporting was false, and in the Oxebridge website’s 18-year history, have never once reported an error in any article or requested a retraction or correction.