As usual, you can’t make this up. Now the not-long-for-his-job CEO of ANAB, John Knappenberger, has decided to inject some urban hip-hop flava into the official work of his organization, because nothing screams urban street culture like an elderly white bureaucrat from the quality management accreditation industry.

For a presentation given this month to the US TAG to ISO TC 176 on ANAB’s development, Knappenberger threw down the mic with these whack slides, yo:



In case you don’t remember what Knappenberger looks like, here’s his headshot:


No, sorry, that’s rapper Wiz Khalifa. Here is Knappenberger:knappenberger

Yes, I doubted his street cred, too, but I am sure Knappy-J busted some mad rimes and shared mighty molly with his TAG crew to justify hisself to the homies in da hood.

Don’t believe me? Here’s his actual PowerPoint presentation

Peace out to any remaining credibility that ANAB has left.


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