Milwaukee WI – The ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) has sided with Oxebridge in its complaint against ISO 9001 and AS9100 registrar NQA, after an NQA auditor conducted an audit of an Oxebridge client using an unreleased version of the AS9100 standard.

The complaint alleged that an NQA aerospace auditor conducted an audit in June of 2008 using AS9100 Revision C, which was only just released this month — nine months after the date of audit. The auditor wrote major nonconformities against a standard which had not been formally released, and was not legally available to Byington, making correcting the nonconformities impossible. Oxebridge alleged that NQA had failed to provide services in accordance with its contract with the client, which specifically called out usage of AS9100 Revision B, the current version at that time. The complaint was filed this past January and was reported previously here.

Upon completion of its investigation, ANAB sided with Oxebridge and other ISO 9001 experts and agreed that registrars must use current versions of standards, and may not audit using unreleased “draft” versions. NQA has offered the Oxebridge client — who requested to remain anonymous — a refund for its auditing services.

NQA launched an internal review into the matter. This corrective action effort was investigated by ANAB and found to be acceptable to both the client and ANAB itself, which felt there was no risk of systemic recurrence, thereby allowing the complaint to be closed out.

The client subsequently hired a different ANAB-accredited registration body for its final certification.


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