Big-GlassesMatrix-MorpheusJust a quick site note. Some of you have noticed an increase in typographical errors here on the site lately. I take responsibility, but the reason is unusual.

For most of the “hard news” pieces, these are run through another person (or persons) for fact-checking and editing. For some of the controversial opinion pieces, these also get checked, usually for legal implications. But for many of the quick opinion pieces, I just type and hit the publish button.

I was recently diagnosed with early onset, rapidly progressing cataracts. (When I say “I didn’t see that coming,” you know I mean it…heh heh.) This is impacting on my ability to spot typos, and (let’s face it) built-in spell checkers don’t catch everything.

Apparently I have to wait to have surgery until my cataracts go through puberty or something. So until I get my eyeballs re-balled, you may continue to see some typos or weird formatting. Using a lower res monitor means sometimes the formatting will look good on my end, but not so much for users.

OK, normally I don’t talk about his stuff, but since I am getting mail about the typos, I thought it was necessary. I promise not to blog about that weird rash I keep getting.


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