The Totally Free AS9100 QMS Documentation Template Kit With Extra Awesomeness (or TGAS9100QMSDTKWEAv1.1) has been updated to version 1.1, and we invite you to go grab it so you can have all that extra awesome sauce to pour all over your aircraft and spacecraft parts. Which raises the question: is awesome sauce FOD?

Click here to reach the updated download page. As always, it’s entirely free, and you don’t even have to submit an email address or anything to get it. Just click and enjoy.

The latest update includes a full 78-slide PowerPoint slide deck for all-hands training on AS9100. It’s just the big picture stuff, but should get your team primed and ready to launch rockets or whatever it is that they do.

The new update also dramatically expands the capabilities of your QMS by allowing you to have up to 50 processes defined. This seems silly, but to increase the number of processes requires fixes to the Internal Audit Log, the CAR Log, the CAR forms, etc. It took a bit of work. Previously, you were limited to only 10 processes.

The new Internal Audit Log also got a major upgrade, and now allows for separate trending by corrective actions, preventive actions (yes, we still use those) and opportunities for improvement. It has a host of other improvements as well.

The full change log is as follows:

  • Added a “mini Quality Manual” option in addition to the “paint by clause number” manual.
  • Added “awesome” new internal audit log that allows for tracking three types of audit findings separately: corrective actions, preventive actions, and opportunities for improvement. Now allows for assigning audits to as many as 50 processes (previous edition was limited to only 10.) Enhanced formulas and better graph reporting.
  • Improved CAR Form now has two options: a “Checkbox” format if you have 10 processes or less, or a “Dropdown” format which will handle an infinite number of processes; we suggest limiting to 50, since the new CAR Log can only handle 50 processes.
  • CAR Log updated to handle up to 50 processes.
  • Added guidance language in the Corrective & Preventive Action procedure on root cause analysis and human factors.
  • Corrected some stray references to ISO 9001 which had not been updated to AS9100.
  • COTO Log Risk and Opportunity Registers now have some hints at the top of each column to assist in what they are intended for (hover over the cell to see.) Columns are rearranged in more logical order.
  • Added requirement to review interested parties in the Management Review Minutes template.
  • COTO Log now calls out some suggested interested parties and issues of concern related to ITAR, etc. If you are a non-US company and not subject to ITAR or US export controls, you can delete these.
  • Corrected the link to the AIA ethics information on the typical purchase order T’s and C’s document.
  • Added new General Employee AS9100 Training presentation (PowerPoint format) – you will have to manually edit this, as the AFR program may not update it properly.
  • Added really stupid FOD poster, because you’re not an aerospace company unless you have really stupid FOD posters hanging everywhere.
  • Removed Herobrine.

Again, click here to download. Unfortunately, the entire kit is only available as a single download. We still haven’t enabled per-file downloads.


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