BREAKING: The Pasadena TX plant where an explosion injured 22 workers held ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates from DNV-GL, an ANAB accredited registrar.

Kuraray EVAL, a plastics manufacturer, reported the explosion was the result of overpressure in the building’s pipe system, which exploded and caused a fire, injuring almost two dozen maintenance workers.

ISO 9001 requires the companies conform to relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, and that a company’s facilities are maintained.

Oxebridge is investigating connections between current and previous disasters and scandals involving companies that were issued accredited ISO 9001 and other certifications, and then monitoring what happens after such incidents are reported. To date, its investigations show that despite public reporting on the scandals or disasters, companies continue to maintain their certifications even when violations of the ISO standards, and laws, are proven.