I’m happy, if exhausted, to announce that my next book Surviving AS9100 Rev. D┬áis now at the printers, and being prepped for simultaneous publication as a hardcopy paperback edition as well as a tablet-ready e-book. I’d like to thank all those that bought the Pre-Order Edition and had patience as I ran many months late on getting the thing finished, but I added significant content related to AS9110 and AS9120, as well as large sections on configuration management, FOD, counterfeit part control, and more.

To keep your appetites whetted, here’s an actual copy of the table of contents from the final draft which was sent for printing. Click to enlarge.

I have shut down all Pre-Order Edition discount sales, so you’ll have to wait for the book to hit Amazon in order to buy it now. Cover price is likely to be $75. The book comes with an adult language warning which, as you can tell from the Table of Contents, I’m really earning this time.

Also, this was originally planned as a companion piece to my previous book, Surviving ISO 9001, but now it’s been totally beefed up so that it stands alone. You do not need to buy Surviving ISO 9001 in order to understand Surviving AS9100. I do recommend Surviving ISO 9001, however, if you want the behind the scenes scandals and backbiting that helped make ISO 9001 such a shitshow, which then infected AS9100.

You can read a few full sample chapters of Surviving AS9100 right now at the dedicated website www.survivingAS9100.com.



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