I hadn’t made a decision when I published the press releases announcing my next book, Surviving AS9100 Rev. D, but have since firmed up the final book outline. Yes, the book will contain entire sections on implementing AS9110 Rev. C for aircraft repair stations and AS9120 Rev. B for aerospace stockist distributors.

Originally I intended to leave those standards out, but many Oxebridge inner circlers asked for them to be included, and I want to ensure the book provides as much help to as many companies as possible. Currently, there are almost no books on AS9100 rev D, and none at all on the other two standards. Readers looking for help on these standards have few resources.

As a result, you can expect an update to the cover art, so the image used now is likely to change significantly.

Surviving AS9100 is now available for limited pre-order, at $35, a savings of likely half the final retail edition price. The Pre-Order Edition will include additional material that will not appear in the Retail Edition. You can pre-order your copy here.  Pre-Order customers will receive the final book first, when it is published in September or October of 2018. It is currently slated only as an e-book release.

We’ve also launched the official website for the book at www.survivingAS9100.com.