A 2012 presentation to the Southern African Auditor and Training Certification Association (SAATCA) on auditor competence and behavior includes a racist graphic, Oxebridge has learned.

A Question of Competence: A Paper to the 2012 SAATCA Conference” was given by Iain Muir of Management System Facilitators, and discusses problems in determining the competency of conformity assessment auditors, including those for ISO 9001. The presentation discusses the key elements of competency, including knowledge, understanding, behavior, and skills.

A slide discussing “attestation of competence” includes two graphics: the first of a humorous “employee of the century” certificate, and the second of a fake US driver’s license issued from the state of “Mexifornia.” The latter features a photo of a stereotyped Mexican movie character with bad teeth, bandolier and sombrero, under the name “Jose Gomez Jr.”

The fake license indicates a date of birth as “not known” and the class as “illegal alien.” Under the designation for sex, the graphic reads “mucho”, and for weight “too much.” The license entitlements include “drive, attend college, purchase guns, and vote.” As if to show the character is illiterate, the signature is marked with an “X.”

The graphic apparently originates from www.mexifornialicenses.com, a site offering joke fake ID’s, including one which portrays US President Barack Obama as an illegal alien. The graphic was apparently created by a non-Spanish speaker, as the word “camino” is spelled incorrectly.

“Shockingly tone deaf,” is how Oxebridge VP Operations Christopher Paris describes the find. “That a professional discussing auditor behavior would not only resort to this kind of racist garbage is ironic beyond the pale. That apparently no one in SAATCA thought fit to admonish the author, and instead published the presentation on their website, worsens the problem a thousandfold.”

Iain Muir

Mr. Muir, who is white, is now the Executive Director of the Southern African Association of Certification Bodies (SAACB), an industry trade group consisting of South African registrars. His role with Management Systems Facilitators could not be independently verified, and the organization has no website or contact information. Mr. Muir is a current Director at the South African Quality Institute.

SAATCA first came to Oxebridge’s attention as the original source of the leaked ISO 9001:2015 Working Draft, and the organization still hosts the document on its servers. ISO is reportedly considering legal action against Oxebridge for publishing the draft.