Russia has been removed from the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), according to a source on Facebook.

Taras Kalyta posted the following:

On June 24, at the General Assembly of the EOC a decision was made to exclude Rosstandart from the EOC members. The discussion on exclusion has been held since the beginning of the war, in the EC there were forces that spoke from the positions of “quality outside politics” and fought against this decision. I am even more grateful to our friends and colleagues from Estonia, Belgium, UK, Finland, who have consistently promoted the exclusion of the representative of Russia – and grateful to all national quality organizations that voted for it. I am glad that the European movement for quality has shown that it is based on humanistic values. Let me remind you that EFQM decided to exclude the All-Russian Quality Organization back in March.
No formal announcement has been made by EOQ, and Rosstandardt still appears on the EOQ list of members.

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