As part of the company’s new “Solution Series” of White Papers, Oxebridge has released a proposal for a “Collaborative Standards Development Model.” The report has already been provided to the ISO Secretary-General Sergio Mujica and ISO TMB Secretary Sophie Clivio.

The White Paper discusses the restraints and limitations of ISO’s current standards development model, which relies on physical meetings and limits participation only to those that can afford to fly to meetings set in countries around the world. By adopting 21st-century collaborative technology, Oxebridge makes the case that ISO can improve stakeholder and subject matter expert participation in standards development, while simultaneously speeding up development time and reducing overall development costs. The model also improves transparency and reduces the influence of single stakeholder groups such as private consultants and certification body representatives.

Oxebridge is dedicated to reporting on the problems facing the scheme, but feels that merely reporting on them is insufficient without offering solutions. The “Solution Series” of White Papers intends to provide detailed roadmaps on how ISO and the certification scheme parties can correct existing problems, while improving the trust and validity of ISO certifications.

Future “Solutions Series” papers will provide roadmaps for correction of the accredited certification scheme, auditor competency and more.

The full White Paper can be downloaded here (PDF – 420kb).

Oxebridge asks that organizations support the “Collab Model” proposal by forwarding the report, along with their comments of support, to Mr. Mujica, Ms. Clivio, and their national ISO member body representatives. Organizations willing to co-sponsor the White Paper may contact Oxebridge for details.



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