Via LinkedIn, Plexus Master Trainer Jim Collins has issued the following “official” statement on the recently reported controversy regarding a Plexus trainer teaching auditors that clients are required to complete PEAR forms as part of AS9100 Rev C compliance.

The following is presented in its entirety:

The Plexus official position is that audit forms must be completed by the auditor. We are aware that some CBs ask the clients to populate parts of the form for clarity and to save time. There is no official sanction of this nor is there any prohibition against doing this that we have been given by IAQG. We would totally disagree with any CB forcing or allowing the client to complete any of the forms.

There have been comments attributed to one of our trainers that the client can be required to complete PEARS and other required forms. According to: this trainer; to the other trainer present during the class; and to a number of other participants that attended the class, these comments were taken out of context and partly misunderstood or misrepresented. This trainer does not have the client complete a PEAR or complete any other of the required forms. The client is asked to provide information needed to start the paperwork and is asked for some of the preliminary information to be placed on the general areas/blocks of the appropriate form. If the client does not start filling out some of the form, the audit is not cancelled. This request was given by her as an example, not as a requirement that other auditors should follow as a required practice. This practice is not an official Plexus recommended practice but was an example related by an auditor who is also a trainer for Plexus. Plexus is not a CB and does not/would not try to dictate how a CB would relate to a client except where a violation of IAQG sanctioned practices would be violated. It would be wrong for the CB to have the client complete a form, but nothing is directed about the initial way in which the document review is provided to the CB or how forms are initiated.

I agree fully, but would not require as a “sanctioned practice” with Alan Spreadbury when he stated: “I agree that registrant should not be “required” to complete PEAR forms for the AS9101 audit. It is clearly an auditor’s responsibility. However, it is also the organizations requirement to supply the information that gets documented in blocks 8-11. It would seem that a little economy could be realized by the organization completing blocks 8-11 only.”

I also fully agree with Sidney Vianna when he stated: “… Let’s be clear: the responsibility for the completion of the AS9101D invoked forms (OER, PEAR’s, etc.) rests with the CB’s and their auditors.”

Again, the “Plexus official position” is that the audit forms must be completed by the auditor.