Good news, everyone! Oxebridge has been nominated as one of the Top 10 FAA aircraft repair stations for 2023 by Aerospace & Defense Review Magazine!

If you’re stunned at this, just imagine how shocked I am. Or the FAA, for that matter, since Oxebridge is an ISO consulting firm, and doesn’t actually repair airplanes. Heck, I don’t even own a car.

That didn’t stop the plucky editors at A&D to try and sell me on a vanity article, though. Their email (addressed to Oxebridge employee “Nicole” which is yet another shock, since nobody by that name works here) offered to report that we’ve made the Top 10 FAA Repair Stations for 2023, but only if we paid them $3,000.

I guess if we don’t pay the $3000 ransom advertising fee, we drop down to position 11 in the Top Ten?

I’d reach out to someone who actually worked at A&D to see what they say about all this, but they go really, really far out of their way to hide the names of their publishers and editors. I wonder why?

So, anyway, if you have an airplane that needs repair, remember to drop it by my house and I’ll take a crack at getting that thing back up in the air. I may not be qualified, but I am “shortlisted” by a publishing company!