Oxebridge has released a paper calling on ISO TC 176 to issue a temporary halt in development of ISO 9001:2015, citing four “converging factors” that it feels will permanently damage both ISO and ISO 9001 if the standard is allowed to proceed:

  • Failure to fully develop the foundational Quality Management Principles prior to drafting of the Working Draft
  • Growing negative feedback from stakeholders worldwide over the leaked Working Draft document
  • Consideration by major industries, including automotive and aerospace, to “decouple” from ISO due to strong dissatisfaction with the development work to date
  • Over two decades of ISO Survey data proving that global interest and acceptance of ISO 9001 is declining

Oxebridge asks that ISO consider taking additional time to ensure the resulting standard is accepted and bolsters ISO 9001’s status in the world, rather than rush a flawed document to print based on an arbitrary 2015 deadline. The paper is being distributed to leaders throughout the ISO development community, key sectors such as aerospace and automotive, and to every ISO Member Nation with a role on TC 176. The document is currently being translated into appropriate languages.

The full English language document may be obtained here (PDF –  788 kb).

The full Spanish language version may be obtained here (PDF – 760 kb).

The full French language version may be obtained here (PDF – 767 kb).

(A web-friendly version will be uploaded shortly.)


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