The IAQG has begun providing information on an upcoming OASIS v3 database refresh. Currently, OASIS is used to capture all information on AS9100 certification bodies, certified companies, trainers, auditors, and accreditation bodies.  The web-based database has been criticized for being difficult to navigate and use.

Based on information presented during a December 14th webinar presented by IAQG and the OASIS v3 developer Intact, the new website undergoes a dramatic refresh of the user interface, making the entire user experience much easier. It appears the underlying data, however, remains fully intact. All current data, feedback tickets, and user information will port over to the new OASIS.

While user login information should remain the same, a new user name may be required.

While all the current OASIS functions have been retained, the “watchlist” feature appears to have been improved. Users can add companies or individuals (auditors) to their watchlist, and then use advanced filters to view the entries later. Users can receive email notifications of changes from any entity on their watchlist, as well. A company may create its own organizational watchlists, and individual users can create personal watchlist as well.

All in all, the OASIS v3 refresh should be largely frictionless for aerospace industry users, as it does not upend the current functionality, and focuses instead on making data entry and access more visibly pleasing and, as a result, easier.

The new OASIS interface is cleaner and easier to navigate.

Granting or editing access rights to company data is also made easier by the improved interface.

At least one awkward IAQG structural issue remains, however. When filling in a feedback ticket, it has always been confusing as to who to send the ticked to. Recipient roles such as “IAQG Strategy Stream Leaders” or “Document Representative” make sense only to high-level IAQG executives and internal committee members, and have no meaning for actual users. There does not appear to be any plan to update these recipient roles to make it easier to target feedback ticket recipients.

IAQG has released an information landing page on OASIS v3 at .

The old OASIS site will switch to a read-only “reference” mode once the v3 site launches. A date for launch has not yet been announced, but is expected in early 2022.


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