parisfullChris Paris has launched his next international speaking tour entitled The Path Forward: The Amazing Future of ISO 9001.

The result of 15 years of work to improve ISO 9001, the “Path Forward” presents the final 10-year plan to dramatically alter the ISO 9001 certification scheme, and standards development process, to benefit standards end users. The plan culminates with a series of hard-hitting calls for governments and industry to reject the current methods of standards development and certification, including a dramatic call for a ten-year moratorium on requiring ISO 9001 and related certifications in US Federal Contracts. Mr. Paris will be presenting his arguments not only to those within the certification scheme, but to US legislators, regulators and Federal government agencies. Already, the US Department of Defense has begun selectively removing ISO 9001 as a contractual obligation in some of its RFP’s.

In the discussion, Mr. Paris presents damning evidence of certification body malpractice, accreditation body collusion, auditor incompetence and even illegal activities by the various stakeholders. Furthermore, Mr. Paris argues that ISO’s standards development activities have deviated so far from their original mandate, they now violate WTO regulations, and may well result in ISO being sanctioned for impeding global trade.

Not just a litany of bad news, the 90-minute talk concludes with a series of concrete actions that the various stakeholders can take right now to improve their posture before forced to take action by lawmakers, regulators and law enforcement.

“I envision a return to the promise of ISO 9001,” Mr. Paris says, “where a single certification comes to be so trusted, so valued, it replaces the endless stream of supplier audits and customer standards, and reverses the virulent spread of sector-specific standards. With that, the costs to end users will be reduced, while exponentially improving the reputation of ISO 9001 and related certification schemes.”

To book the talk for your organization, government agency, ASQ section or industry trade group, email Oxebridge. Events begin in May 2015 and will continue until early 2016.




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