Sergio Mujica

Meet Sergio Mujica, the newest Secretary-General of ISO, who took over for departing Kevin McKinley, who took over for departed Alan Bryden. Mr. Mujica is a career bureaucrat whose resume boasts stints at the World Customs Organization and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Chile. A Chileno, we can expect that much of Mr. Mujica’s career has been spent arguing that both ceviche and pisco are Chilean cultural outputs, and that Peru should give back that big stretch of desolate moon-desert in Tacna. To which I say, viva Peru, carajo!!

Sr. Mujica has been trying to add a cara feliz to the ISO social media brand, by engaging in Twitter at a slightly greater pace than his predecessors. Because ISO is at its heart a media machine designed to promote its products, Mujica doesn’t reply to anyone, and it appears his tweets are actually just pumped out by Katie Bird or whomever is running the ISO PR department these days.

But you’d think the Secretary General of ISO might be more picky on who he allows to follow his account. In a recent tweet where Mujica insists we should “work together” to solve problems — we can assume he’s using the word “we” to refer only to private consultants and BSI executives, who are the only people who have any sway with ISO — the tweet was commented on by none other than the sex bot “Jessie Shackley,” tweeting as Drakon00121. Showing her ass in a bikini, she entices Mujica by saying “I’m looking for sex chat… call me.”

Maybe that’s the kind of “working together” we can all get behind?

Of course, Shackley isn’t real, and the feed is essentially automated spam, but it’s nevertheless funny to see the ISO Secretary General’s saccharine and entirely bogus call for collective collaboration trounced by porn. It also points to the ongoing incompetence of ISO’s media machine.

Unless ISO is seeking to standardize sex chat services, in which case I am betting those aging auditors at BSI are lining up by the hundreds to get into that account. We can assume they already have the requisite “industry experience,” if only as seasoned customers.



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