Let’s take a quick detour from the usual ISO reporting, as I want to highlight a great Kickstarter initiative that Oxebridge supports wholeheartedly.

Signs of Life” aims to be the first “smart personal safety app” which can be used to contact a user’s emergency contacts when the user “cannot be confirmed as safe.” From the app’s Kickstarter page:

In the event of an emergency, Signs of Life provides users’ contacts with the relevant information to help the contacts find the user and intervene as quickly as possible. Signs of Life provides additional context to the location data-like who the user was with and which stores or restaurants the user visited leading up to the emergency event.

The developers assure that the data is not shared until an emergency is suspected, and only then with the user’s pre-approved contacts. The data is not “mined” or used for any other purpose by any third party.

I think this is a great idea, and urge Oxebridge readers to donate whatever amount they like to the Kickstarter page here.

Here’s a promo video, as well:

Signs of Life (Smart Safety App)

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