Oxebridge is offering companies “days-of-audit only” seats within its RegDOX powered document sharing portal. This allows companies to share documents with their registrar auditors during ISO 9001, AS9100 or other audits, without violating ITAR, EAR or NIST.

Current methods used by many companies and registrars, such as Zoom or Skype, do not comply with ITAR and can lead to accidental felony violations of export control laws, as well as security breaches. Only RegDOX has been verified by the US Dept. of State for ensuring compliance to ITAR.

Companies can rent the Oxebridge portal for the days of their audit only, then granting access to their third-party registrar. Documents, files, videos and photos shared within the portal are fully encrypted, and cannot be printed, downloaded or edited by the auditors. Once the audit is over, the entire dataroom is permanently destroyed, so no data remains.  Oxebridge cannot view your date, ensuring compliance with your registrar’s requirements for audit confidentiality.

The Oxebridge offering means companies do not have to pay for an annual subscription only to use the service for a few days of auditing per year. Instead, clients may contract for the service only for the days of their audit.

The service can cost as little as $100 per audit day, and there is no requirement to subscribe or undergo any recurring payments.

The service is only available for US companies.

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