Quality assurance expert Mike Gospodinsky is pursuing his doctorate, and needs volunteers to fill out this survey on their experiences with “remote auditing techniques” in the ISO 9001 and other management system auditing schemes. The survey should take less than five minutes, and will result in useful research in this area.

“Remote auditing techniques” are methods for conducting audits through the usage of technology to replace on-site auditing: teleconferences, document sharing, video, etc. The survey allows for the questions to be answered by auditees (those having been audited remotely) as well as auditors (those using the techniques), or those of us who straddle both camps.

Even if you have never experienced remote techniques, the survey asks your opinion on the concept, so please help Mike and submit your views.

ISO 17021 and other accreditation rules allow for remote auditing, but the practice is rarely used and CBs often don’t have the procedures in place to cover it. Mike’s research may help close those gaps, opening up remote auditing for more widespread use. Nobody likes paying those hotel and airfare fees for auditors, after all.

The survey can be completed here.



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