In a follow up to the recent story wherein a number of US certificate mills agreed to provide ISO 9001 certification services to a fictional company that designed cement life vests under the company name “LifeSink,” now the Dutch certificate mill QualityMasters has likewise jumped on board.

In a letter from QualityMasters representative Claudia van Vlijmen, the unaccredited registrar agreed not only to provide the services, but to explore how to do so without an onsite audit.

In this case we have the capability to certify your scope. So if you are interested I will contact our audit team to see how we could make an online audit possible and what kind of documentation is in this way is required from your organisation in order to write you a proposal.

QualityMasters was provided the same fictional documentation as the US certificate mills, including a Quality  Manual, management review minutes and product testing data, which showed the product was tested for “fatalities.”

In the past, QualityMasters lead auditor and online representative Mike Kuklewski chastised critics such as Oxebridge who questioned their lack of accreditation by falsely claiming they were seeking ISO 17021 accreditation.

[This is] just another step in your self-proclaimed crusade against unaccredited CB’s. And as I do not represent all the unaccredited CB’s in the world, and only one which is in the process but already nailed to the cross by you, it would be a rather lopsided affair. To refer to a statement of yours earlier about kids and drivers licences, unaccredited CB’s have a right to make the miles before they become accredited. Their status does not make them bad. After all,before you BECOME accredited, you are UNaccredited.

Oxebridge later proved that no such accreditation was being sought, and no application for accreditation had ever been submitted to the Dutch accreditation body Raad voor Accreditatie (RvA).