[This series of articles tries to emphasize the benefits of ISO 9001, and how to yield results from each major clause of the standard.]


Clause 8.5.4 is called “Preservation,” and addresses how a company should ensure products are not damaged during production or other activities. This also can apply to services, if one imagines how services would be “un-done” or corrupted in some way before they are completed.

The 2015 version of ISO 9001 dramatically truncated this clause, which — in the old days — was called “Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery,” often abbreviated as “HSPPD.” That name might have been a mouthful, but it covered all the bases. The modern version only addresses “Preservation” in a generic way, and then uses a non-binding note to suggest this might include “identification, handling, contamination control, packaging, storage, transmission or transportation, and protection.”

To glean benefits from the clause, a company must just assume that “preservation” does involve all of those things. It’s best to just treat the note as a hard requirement, or any implementation will be very poor.

When doing so, this will ensure you properly protect and preserve your product so it isn’t lost or damaged before you’re ready to ship it.


When implemented properly, Clause 8.5.4 should result in the following tangible benefits for your company:

  • For products:
    1. You will be able to have confidence that products and raw materials are not lost or damaged before you need to use them, or before they are shipped.
    2. You can reduce unplanned inspections or repair if the products are properly protected.
    3. You will have good shelf-life controls so that expired products or chemicals are not used (which could jeopardize quality)
    4. You will have higher levels of customer satisfaction when customers receive clean, uncontaminated products that are free from handling damage. (Think about that feeling you get when you open up a new cell phone from its new, pristine box.)
  • For services:
    1. You will reduce redundant rework when services are not corrupted before they are completed.
    2. You will increase customer satisfaction when the final service is neat, organized, and professionally presented.

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