Seems the American Society for Quality hasn’t quite figured out that whole “quality” thing yet, despite claiming to be the world’s authority on it. Put your meta-irony shields up for this one.

One ASQ member reported that the ASQ’s Certified Quality Engineer Handbook (4th Edition) includes entire pages that can’t be read because of — gasp!quality errors in the printing process. Have a look:

At least one reader on Amazon reported the same, posting this photo of missing text. This one is particularly hilarious, since the defective text apparently is discussing product defects:

Another Amazon reader reported similar printing errors, calling the printing “subpar.”

In response to one complaint, ASQ only offered to give scans of the corrupted pages. That’s, um, a … unique … way to address the issue.

Other recent ASQ Quality Press publications fare similarly. The reader reviews for the Certified Quality Improvement Associate Handbook (3rd Edition) included one 2018 comment saying, “Book was water damaged and smelled like mold.” 

For the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook (2nd Edition), one reader also reported print problems, saying, “There are multiple blank pages that are missing content. I counted 8 in the first 38.”

If you thought the American Society for Quality might have mastered, you know, quality in their own products, you’d be laughably mistaken. Quality is for other people.

Who wants to bet they had it printed in China?



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