BREAKING: this story will be updated as more information comes in.

A mandate from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) executive directs all ASQ Sections to transfer “excess account funds” to a single account under the control of the Milwaukee HQ. The headquarters will then control disbursement of funds back to the Sections, eliminating control of the funds by each Section’s elected officials.

The plan, released by the Board of Directors, is referred internally as the “Section Finance Transition” and appears to be part of a longer plan where ASQ establishes an “online banking” tool to be used by Sections, from which they can withdraw their funds. The plan, illustrated in an official ASQ draft document below, shows the ASQ intending on releasing the money as part of a “budgeted funds” plan targeting “geographic communities.”

Already, the plan has been met with resistance by Section leaders, who oppose surrendering their funds — often the result of work done solely by the Section, without assistance or support from Milwaukee — to the headquarters for allocation.

The plan appears to conflate ASQ’s own national budget, which is then tied to its annual official tax filings, with the activities of the local Sections. It’s not clear how, or why, this connection is being made. Oxebridge has reached out to ASQ officials for clarification.

The plan also raises concerns for the security of the funds, and to whom ASQ will assign the development responsibility for the “online banking tool.” More and more, online banking institutions find themselves subject to hackers.

The move provides another example of how the ASQ executive, under the control of CEO William Troy, appears to be encroaching further and further into the daily activities of the Sections.