Alka Jarvis has written to Oxebridge formally indicating she has had no involvement with Daryl Guberman of Guberman PMC Registrars (Stratford CT), who is conducting defamation campaign against Oxebridge under her name.

In a series of YouTube videos, Guberman has claimed his defamation campaign against Oxebridge and its founder Christopher Paris was the result of requests by Ms. Jarvis and other ANSI TAG 176 leaders, including Jack West, Charles Cianfrani, Julie Congress, Denise Robitaille and current Chair Paul Palmes. Guberman has also filed dozens of fraudulent Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices in an attempt to have the Oxebridge website shut down, many of which he signed under penalty of perjury claiming he was the official legal representative for Ms. Jarvis and the others. Filing of fraudulent DMCA notices is illegal under US federal law.

Ironically, Guberman filed the DMCA notice against Oxebridge’s use of a public domain photos of the TAG leaders, and Guberman is now using the same photos in his videos even as he accuses Oxebridge of copyright violations.

Jarvis had resisted providing a formal statement denying her role with Guberman for more than two years, until Oxebridge reached out to in-house counsel at Cisco Systems, where she is employed. Prompted by their legal department, Jarvis wrote to confirm “I am not involved with Daryl Guberman.” It is not clear why Jarvis resisted making a statement regarding the matter until advised by her employer’s attorneys.

A representative of Cisco’s legal counsel apologized for the situation, indicating she hoped there would be a satisfactory resolution.

One video published on Guberman’s YouTube feed is titled “ALKA JARVIS FORMER TAG 176 Chairman works to untangle-2016 – Internet defamer protected by ISO & ASQ,” referring to Paris. In that video, he holds up a photo of Jarvis. Guberman has shut off comments for that video.

The statement leaves Jarvis’ replacement, current TAG 176 Chair Paul Palmes, in an increasingly isolated position. Palmes did contact Guberman directly, as two audio recordings of Palmes were posted online by Guberman proving Palmes approached him after his attempts to have ASQ sue Oxebridge failed. Palmes reported he was “pissed off” at ASQ’s decision not to sue Oxebridge, so he contacted Guberman to coordinate the submission of information which could be damaging to Oxebridge and Paris.

The situation puts a shadow over the relationship between Palmes and Jarvis, who co-wrote a book on ISO 9001, “ISO 9001: 2015: Understand, Implement, Succeed!

According to witnesses at a TAG meeting, Jarvis had personally approached Palmes to replace her as Chair, rather than allow a nominee selected by the TAG members; Boeing representative Alan Daniels was nominated by the membership, but then denied a place on the ballot by Jarvis. Jarvis then had Palmes submit a document indicated he had nominated himself. On that document, as well as others, Palmes then exaggerated his ISO-related experience by adding over 20 years’ of experience he did not have. At the same time, Palmes and Jarvis were already working on their book, a fact kept from the TAG membership. Only after Palmes won the election was the financial relationship between Palmes and Jarvis revealed. Oxebridge filed an official complaint with the TAG Administrator at ASQ alleging election irregularities and Palmes’ problematic filings, but the ASQ office refused to take action, as did ANSI.

ISO members in Europe have reported that the US TAG 176’s reputation and standing is being harmed by the scandals. One member recently told Oxebridge that Palmes’ work with Guberman is further eroding trust in the TAG, since Guberman is simultaneously accusing ISO, IAF and other bodies of terrorism and antisemitism. “We cannot understand why Paul would go near someone making such reckless accusations, risking his own reputation as well as that of the entire US mirror committee,” said the source, who requested to remain anonymous.

Another representative from Europe indicated, “[TC 176] views the American mirror committee as a joke.”

In the ramp-up to the release of ISO 9001:2015, the US committee’s feedback was nearly universally rejected by its counterparts on TC 176, meaning the US failed in its role to have an influence in the development of the standard.

Guberman continues to use the photos of veterans on his company website without permission, falsely claiming they work for him; in one case, Korean war veterans Leslie Hepler and Ray Aneiro are both deceased, but Guberman continues to use their photos. Skirting against US “Stolen Valor” laws, Guberman then falsely claims his company is run by “veterans.” Guberman never served in the military. Guberman’s wife, Dr. Felice Guberman, works for the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as their director of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs; Felice Guberman was listed as Guberman-PMC’s managing director until recently.

Guberman has launched a series of homophobic videos alleging homosexual relationships between Oxebridge founder Paris and former ANAB Vice President, Randy Dougherty. Palmes has not raised any issue with such harassment and homophobia.

ANSI, which accredits the TAG, and ASQ have both so far refused to take action against Palmes for his collusion with Guberman, who accuses ANSI and ASQ of supporting terrorism and antisemitism.  Palmes was once touted as the group’s “Ethics” expert, a claim he has since removed since his resume padding was reported.

Oxebridge has filed a complaint with the ASQ TAG Administrator regarding Palmes’ actions; the ASQ administrator has so far refused to respond to the complaint, despite being obligated to do so under ANSI rules of operation.

Randy Dougherty of ANAB recently wrote to confirm that his organization also has no role in Guberman’s defamation activities, despite Guberman making multiple claims that ANAB had contacted him.



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