The accreditation body Akkreditierung Austria has twice tried to close a formal complaint filed against it in the aerospace industry database OASIS, falsely claiming that it provided a full response to Oxebridge. Oxebridge has repeatedly refused to close the complaint.

Oxebridge filed a complaint in the OASIS system in June of 2021 alleging Akkreditierung Austria and the certification body Quality Austria were in violation of EU and US sanctions by certifying and partnering with companies belonging to the Russian defense firm Rostec. Specifically, the complaint alleged:

 (1) Quality Austria continues to issue ISO 9001 certificates to its own branch offices; (2) Quality Austria then uses those branch offices to issue AS9100 certificates to companies; (3) the Quality Austria branch offices are owned by Rostec, a company under current EU and US sanctions; (4) the Rostec auditing bodies then issue AS9100 certificates to other Rostec owned companies; (5) Akkreditierung Austria was aware of this arrangement since the filing of a 2019 complaint, and has done nothing to date, allowing its logo to be used on certs issued to companies under sanctions, and under violations by Quality Austria of AS9104 and ISO 17021.

In July, Heinz Toemboel of Akkreditierung Austria attempted to close the OASIS complaint, falsely claiming that a full response had been provided to Oxebridge.

Akkreditierung Austria has started the complaint process on June 7, 2021 and requested a detailed response from quality austria and a statement within 14 days. The response to the submitted complaint was received from quality austria on June 21, 2021. All questions were fully answered by Quality Austria to the complainant on June 17, 2021. From the point of view of Accreditation Austria, the complaint has thus been settled no further investigations are needed and can be closed.

No reply was ever received by Oxebridge, and both Quality Austria and AA have instead cut off communications on all matters.

Oxebridge thus refused to close the complaint in July, instead writing:

The matter is not closed. Quality Austria never notified Oxebridge and never provided any response. Furthermore, the matter was not limited to AA’s review of Quality Austria’s response, but of AA’s own complicity in the Rostec scandal. That scandal continues to emerge, and is being investigated by both the IAF and EA. The response by AA to this IAQG entry is wholly false.

Now on January 13, 2022, the OASIS alert system indicated that the matter was again switched to “completed” by an unknown AA representative. While a complaint recipient may complete an action, the OASIS ticket system requires the original complainant to close the issue in full, which Oxebridge is refusing to do.

Akkreditierung Austria and Quality Austria continue to not only issue ISO certificates to Rostec companies, in violation of US and EU sanctions, but also directly partner with Rostec as a customer to Quality Austria.

Sanctions were placed on Rostec and its senior executives for their role in the Russian invasion of Crimea.

Quality Austria has shown a pattern of certifying its own offices and partners, while Akkreditierung Austria refuses to enforce accreditation rules and stop the practice. Oxebridge argues this is a violation of EU regulations as well ISO accreditation standards.

The IAF has refused to take action against Akkreditierung Austria in any of these matters.

Oxebridge is pursuing criminal action against Akkreditierung Austria and Quality Austria in the Austrian court system.


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