Washington DC — SaiTech, Inc. has been recommended for ISO 9001:2008 registration by Platinum Registration, an ANAB accredited quality management system certification body. SaiTech successfully passed its initial ISO 9001 registration audit after a compressed Rapid ISO 9001 Implementation Program by Oxebridge, which condensed the already-rapid implementation steps to fit within a six-week period.

The Oxebridge implementation was begun on June 1 and concluded on July 10th; the company had no previous quality management system documentation in place, and despite the compressed time scale, Oxebridge implemented a custom system without use of boilerplate documents.

Platinum Registration, of Denver CO, found no nonconformities during the initial assessment, and recommended SaiTech for full ISO 9001 registration, pending a review of the auditor’s report and internal paperwork requirements by Platinum. Receipt of the official ISO 9001 certificate is expected in 2 – 3 weeks.

SaiTech is a Washington DC based IT services company that supports NASA and other government agency programs and contracts; it acts as both prime and subcontractor for various contracts. The ISO 9001 scope include SaiTech’s facility in Pasadena CA, as well as its Washington DC office.

Oxebridge has offered 40-day “Rapid Implementations” for ISO 9001, AS9100 and other standards for years, but typically client companies opt to extend the 40-day program to accommodate scheduling or other factors. SaiTech chose to compress the implementation to a true 30-day program, challenging Oxebridge’s Implementation Specialists to deliver on its marketing promises.

For more on SaiTech, visit the company’s website at www.saitech-hsv.com.

For more on Oxebridge’s Rapid ISO 9001 Implementation program and related consulting services, click here.


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