Oxebridge has updated its ISO 17025 implementation program to reflect the latest edition of that standard, ISO 17025:2017. The new standard and aligned Oxebridge program add increased control of risks, as well as address new concepts. ISO 17025 is intended to be used by calibration and product testing laboratories.

At the same time, Oxebridge has added another standard to its portfolio of implementation programs, supporting clients seeking accreditation under ISO 17034:2016. This standard is intended for producers of reference materials and certified reference materials, such as products used to calibrate or validate equipment or systems.

Oxebridge is one of the only consulting companies in the world offering implementation services for ISO 17034.

The ISO 17xxx series of standards is targeted at those companies who certify products or systems, and who must then achieve accreditation by bodies such as A2LA or Perry Johnson Laboratories. In addition to the two latter standards, Oxebridge provides implementation and consulting for ISO 17024 for companies certifying personnel, and ISO 17065 for companies that certify products.

Implementation requires knowledge and experience in navigating both the applicable standards as well as additional requirements specific to the selected accreditation body.