The Oxebridge website appears to have been down from approximately 3 AM EST to 5:30 PM EST for an unknown reason. During the outage, access to server logs was not available to Oxebridge, and those logs are only now being reviewed to ascertain the cause. The outage appears to have happened at the server level.

Despite a recent threat of a pending hack of its computer and phone systems by someone writing as “,” the outage so far does not appear to have been the result of any bad actors. A series of Dedicated Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks were logged prior to the outage, but these appear to have been low-risk bot attacks that affect most websites, and which do not penetrate even rudimentary defenses.

The Oxebridge website has hardened after a previous hack by Elsmar actors.

Other than cookies or forum user login data, the Oxebridge website does not store personally identifiable user data, and so no visitor data was exposed during the outage.

The server has generated over 500 log files, which are being reviewed for possible causes.

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