The Oxebridge merchandise site,, is currently down. The problem appears to be with the hosting involved, and it appears the core site code has since been deleted. As a result, no quick fix will be available.

The hosting company previously relied on payments via cryptocurrency, and that may be partly why the site was shut down. While Oxebridge supports crypto, making payments to the host company’s wallet was routinely problematic.

The site was overdue for a refresh, and will now be redesigned from scratch as a result. The site sells Oxebridge mugs, FOD posters and other items.

Oxebridge won the domain name “” after an internet troll launched the site in order to defame the company. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled the domain infringed on Oxebridge’s rights, and awarded the domain back to Oxebridge. The site was then relaunched to sell Oxebridge products, partly as a way to “troll back” the infringer.

Ads currently appearing on the site that resolve to the site will not work, as a result.


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