Oxebridge has been cited as a reference for the dissertation paper “ISO 9001:2015 – a questionable reform. What should the implementing organisations understand and do?” by researchers Juhani Anttila of the International Academy for Quality in Finland, and Kari Jussila of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, also in Finland. The article is scheduled to appear in the journal Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. 

The dissertation’s abstract summarizes the paper as follows:

We have recognised significant problems in understanding and applying the standard ISO 9001:2015. In this general review article, we expound that this situation originates from the standardisation process and its managerial drawbacks. Our research provides insight into the problematic aspects in the standard. The research is based on analysing the standard text, making observations from the initial application period of the standard half a year after its publication, and searching for an explanation for the situation from the problems in the standardisation process.

Oxebridge VP of Operations Christopher Paris is named in the paper as a cited source.

You can download the entire paper for free from Taylor & Francis Online here.


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