ASQ members, led by the Chair of the Society’s Reliability and Risk Division Dan Burrows, have released a petition to “Restore ASQ” after years of draconian policies which saw the society’s membership decline, and in which ASQ headquarters stripped local sections of funding and rights. The policies largely occurred under the leadership of William Troy, who was recently forced out and replaced by interim CEO Jim Templin. It is largely understood that Templin will continue to implement the prior policies.

The petition reveals that members and leaders were forced to sign away Section rights upon threat of ejection from the Society, and calls for ASQ HQ to take key steps to correct its financial mismanagement, including potentially selling the building it currently owns. The petition calls on ASQ to operate within a defined budget.

The full text of the petition is included below. ASQ members are urged to sign the attached PDF form and submit it to Dan Burrows at d1c1b1 [AT] The use of the PDF is necessary as ASQ is expected to reject any electronic submissions. Only ASQ member signatures will be accepted; non-members may support the initiative by writing to Mr. Templin, but may not sign the petition.

Oxebridge has had no role in the petition, and is merely circulating it to industry stakeholders.

If enough signed petitions are received, it will force the ASQ Board to take up the issue at the next board meeting, setting the stage for a dramatic battle between leadership and members.

The Petition text is as follows:

We, the undersigned, are concerned ASQ Members and Member Leaders who seek to Restore ASQ and reverse the harm that actions taken under the efforts of ASQ Transformation have caused to the Society and ASQ Sections and Divisions:

1) That policies enacted affecting the governance, structure, and funding of ASQ, Sections and Section Affairs, and Divisions and Technical Communities be rescinded, previous policies restored, and future policies be put to a member vote requiring a 2/3 majority.

2) That the Member Unit Operating Agreement that Section and Division leaders were forced to sign under threat of being removed and/or having their Section or Division dissolved be rescinded, previous agreements restored, and future agreements require the actual agreement of Section and Division leaders and members requiring a 2/3 majority of the affected Section or Division membership.

3) That the previous funding model of member dues allocations to Sections and Section Affairs, and Divisions and Technical Communities be restored. Sections or Divisions can then choose to share funds with other Sections or Divisions at their discretion.

4) That Section and Division reserves, investments, operating accounts, and other accounts be restored in full and returned to the affected Sections and Divisions.

5) That ASQ Headquarters be restructured to solely focus on providing functional and transactional support of ASQ with the minimum level of staffing necessary and that ASQ Headquarters staff not directly engage in proposing or promoting changes to the governance, structure, or funding of ASQ.

6) That the option to replace ASQ Headquarters with a capable association management service at a lower cost to the Society be explored.

7) That ASQ Headquarters or a selected association management service be required to operate within its approved budget, maintain a balanced budget, and return unused funds to the use of the Society and that cost savings resulting in reversing ASQ Transformation be used to reduce Member dues to a reasonable level for a professional society and maintain a reasonable reserve for ASQ.

8) That if ASQ Headquarters remains as an entity that the ASQ Center headquarters building in Milwaukee be sold and more cost-effective office space location and arrangements be made.


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