The Japanese manufacturer who was found having falsified data related to earthquake dampers for highrise construction held ISO 9001 certification issued by Japan Quality Assurance, Oxbridge has confirmed.

The Gifu Japan plant of Kayaba System Machinery, a division of KYB, held an ISO 9001 certificate from JQA, accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board under the multilateral agreements of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Furthermore, it appears that JQA has not withdrawn the certificate even after widespread reporting showed that the KYB company was falsifying data related to its quake “shock absorbers” since 2003.

Both Japan Quality Assurance and JAB are at the center of multiple data falsification scams in Japan, all conducted by companies holding ISO 9001 certificates issued by them. Other Japan Quality Assurance companies found to have falsified data include Kobe Steel, Hitachi Chemical, Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Mitsubishi Shindoh Co., Toray Hybrid Cord and Asahi Kasei.

JAB has taken no action against Japan Quality Assurance despite their role in certifying companies that clearly violate ISO 9001. JAB has refused to respond to questions about this issue, nor what actions JAB is taking to ensure the validity of ISO 9001 certificates issued in Japan.

The IAF has also refused to weigh in on the controversy, ignoring multiple attempts to clarify what the IAF is doing to ensure the validity of JAB accredited certificates.

Data falsification scandals in Japan have cost the country billions of dollars in lost revenue, and have resulted in the firing of senior corporate executives and some criminal arrests.

It is unknown how many buildings are fitted with the potentially faulty dampers.

Another company, Koyo Seiki, also admitted to falsifying data in its quake dampers, affecting another unknown set of buildings. That company held ISO 9001 certification from Japan Quality Assurance, but it was withdrawn after the scandal was revealed. The company still holds ISO 14001 certification by JQA.

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