Truck manufacturer Navistar is refusing to confirm its ISO 9001 certification as the quality of its products comes under increasing scrutiny. Navistar has paid millions of dollars in various class action settlements for allegations they sold defective trucks; one settlement alone reached $135 million. A Tennessee jury found Navistar guilty of fraud and in violation of consumer protection laws. The recent settlement and fraud case prompted one industry source to estimate that the company could be exposed to as much as $7.6 billion in eventual damages.

The issues center around recurring problems with the company’s MaxxForce line of truck engines, with one charge being that the trucks were knowingly sold despite not being able to meet regulatory emissions standards.

Navistar is currently listed as certified to the ISO 9001 quality management system standard by BSI, which claims to have certified plants in Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, and Ohio. According to BSI’s records, all the sites share a single certificate under cert # 72225, and all are still current, despite the company’s legal problems.

BSI is facing growing criticism for failing to decertify ISO certified companies even after they are found culpable for serious and sometimes deadly quality issues. BSI’s accreditation bodies, UKAS and ANAB, have refused to take any action against BSI.

Meanwhile, Navistar representative Nobel Chen would not provide Oxebridge a copy of the actual certificates when asked, instead asking why Oxebridge was requesting the certificates.




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