A complaint filed with the United Accreditation Forum (UAF) alleging felony tax evasion has gone ignored, and so has been escalated to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which purports to oversee UAF’s activities.

The UAF claims to be a US-based accreditation body, and has official filings in the State of Delaware indicating it has organized there. In reality. UAF is run out of India by Parveen Sadana, who used a combination of fictional persons and friend’s address to make the company appear to operate out of the United States. It has claimed to be an official not-for-profit for at least five years.

In order to be a legal not-for-profit, UAF would have to file certain documents with the US Internal Revenue Service and then provide those documents to anyone requesting them. The filings, including their annual tax returns, would then be public records. Searches show no such records nor any evidence of UAF ever having filed as a 501(c)(3) or similar not-for-profit entity with the IRS. Mr. Sadana has ignored all requests made by Oxebridge to provide the documents, as required by US law.

UAF then ignored official complaints on the matter filed against it by Oxebridge, further violations of UAF’s obligations under ISO 17011.

Oxebridge has now escalated the matter directly to the IAF for adjudication. UAF is a member of the IAF and is supposed to be held subject to ISO 17011 and applicable IAF signatory documents.

UAF is also a member of the IAF regional body APAC, but the leadership of APAC, led by Graeme Drake, worked to cover up prior allegations of fraud while processing UAF’s membership application. Drake blocked the processing of the complaints and then approved UAF as a full APAC member. Oxebridge is not escalating this latter matter to APAC, since that body would have to recuse itself, given its role to date in covering up for UAF.

The IAF has typically refused to take action against its member accreditation bodies, despite insisting to world governments that it provides trusted accreditation oversight. To date, the IAF has not been investigated criminally, even as criminal allegations swirl against many of its member bodies.

At the same time, the Delaware Secretary of State has confirmed with Oxebridge that it is investigating the UAF for tax evasion.


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