The self-accredited ISO certificate mill Guberman PMC LLC issued a “CAN9009” certification for medical marijuana testing to an online media marketing company that performed no such certification.

In October of 2014, G-PMC announced that Cannabiz Mobile Inc. had achieved “CAN9009” certification for “growing, storing, subcontracting, testing, security, or distribution” of medical and recreational marijuana.¬† Cannabiz, which trades on the stock market under symbol LGBI, is an internet marketing company that attempted to provide a unified marketing platform for marijuana companies and does not perform any of the activities indicated by G-PMC.

G-PMC invented the “CAN9009” standard, and falsely claims certification to its standard is “mandatory”:

All manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors involved in growing, storing, subcontracting, testing, security, distribution for the medical and legalized cannabis industry must be accredited to CAN-9009:2013 standards.

G-PMC then claims the certification is based on “standards” developed by two organizations, the “National Quality Cannabis Group of America (NQCGA)”¬† and the “American Quality Herbal Products Association (AQHPA).” Neither of these organizations actually exist. Instead, they are apparently intended to represent actual organizations with similar names: the National Cannabis¬†Industry Association and the American Herbal Products Association. Those organizations have no affiliation with G-PMC and do not produce standards.

The CAN9009 standard does not appear to actually exist, either. G-PMC was previously found to be issuing certifications to alleged “standards” that were never written, including “ARM9009” for firearm manufacturers. One prior G-PMC client indicated they received the ARM9009 certificate from Daryl Guberman without ever having seen the standard, much less having implemented it; the client said Guberman told them the standard would be written afterward, based on the client’s procedures.

Cannabiz Mobile claims to offer a cloud-based “mobile marketing platform” consisting of “SMS text messaging, mobile kiosk software, mobile coupon creation and delivery, mobile database lead capture, contests, give aways, voting, polling, surveys, sweepstakes, and mobile website design.” The company has no role whatsoever in handling, manufacturing, or testing of cannabis products.

Despite its claim to be an online marketing company, its website at no longer functions. The company appears to have been founded or operated by one James Gandolfe, who later moved on to promote sales on online cannabis oil products, Trump t-shirts, and limousine rentals.

According to Internet Archive records, the Cannabiz Mobile company effectively ceased offering services sometime in 2015. A version of the website was either hacked or defaced in 2016, when it was rebranded “CannaJizz” and the site openly declaring the company’s services were “scams.”

It is not clear how Cannabiz Mobile can continue to be traded on the stock market given that it seems to have shut down operations. Gandolfe did not respond to requests for information.

If the false claims made in the press releases were done to manipulate the price of Cannabiz’s stock, the actions could be a violation of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, and thus a Federal crime.

[Disclosure: Oxebridge is currently suing the operators of Guberman-PMC, alleging they launched a defamation and harassment campaign to stop this site’s reporting on their activities. Until otherwise instructed by a Court, Oxebridge will continue to report on G-PMC as it would any other certification body.]