BREAKING: Multiple sources have reported to Oxebridge that Katie Arrington has been removed from DOD OUSD A&S, her clearance revoked and building access withdrawn.

While this rumor has persisted for the last week, Oxebridge now has sufficient confirmation from different sources. DoD is calling this “indefinite leave” and it comes as Arrington faces multiple investigations, one for “misuse of office.” That latter allegation came from her public claims that only consultants approved by her office or the CMMC AB could operate in the CMMC industry. Government officials are prohibited from using their office to promote private companies.

One source indicated that Arrington will claim the departure is “health-related.”

It’s not clear what this means for the CMMC scheme, which has been plagued with scandals and controversies.

More details to come.

UPDATE 22 May 2021: An article appearing on the (paywalled) site Inside Defense confirms that Arrington was removed from overseeing the CMMC program. Her superior, Jesse Salazar, has stepped in to take on the role. Salazar then confirmed this during official testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Arrington’s primary job at DOD, if not her only job, was to oversee CMMC, so the ouster would leave her little to do. To date, the DOD has not formally announced Arrington’s departure from DOD.


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