The official OASIS database of AS9100 aerospace certifications now shows 100% of Russian companies as “suspended,” including all of those certified by Quality Austria. The Austrian body had resisted suspending its Russian clients, after years of working to expand its market in that country.

It is not clear if IAQG forced the suspension and updated OASIS on its own, or if the move was done by Quality Austria. Quality Austria has still not released any statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, nor its intention to honor international sanctions against Russian companies.

A handful of other AS9100 certificates, issued by bodies such as Bureau Veritas, Dekra and DNV, have also been switched to “suspended.” A source in Dekra reported that the office drove that suspension itself, not IAQG officials.

Outside of the aerospace industry, the IAF still has not ordered the suspension of accreditations in Russia, and continues to work to appease the Putin administration. Major accreditation organizations such as JAS-ANZ, ILAC, and IAF regional bodies, including APAC, continue to refuse to support sanctions and stop accreditations in Russia.

The main Russian certification body, Russian Register, has announced it intends to abandon international accreditation, and move to a Russian alternative. That alternative does not currently exist.




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