Is your company currently ISO 9001 or AS9100 Rev B certified, and in need of help implementing the new AS9100 Rev C standard? Oxebridge can help.

Oxebridge has worked with representatives of the International Aerospace Quality Group — the authors of the AS9100 Rev C standard — to develop its AS9100 C Upgrade Program. Furthermore, we can do so using Oxebridge’s proprietary “Rapid Implementation” methods, getting your system in place in only a few weeks.

How is this possible? By not reinventing the wheel, and only focusing on the new requirements of AS9100 C, while handling all the documentation updating and rewriting so your staff do not need to. A typical AS9100 C upgrade process follows a few simple steps:

  1. We review your current system documentation and processes
  2. We interview your staff to see where you already comply with AS9100 Rev C
  3. We update your documentation and submit the revised documents to your staff for review and approval
  4. We train your employees on the changes
  5. We train your internal auditors using a customized internal auditor training program, designed specifically for your company
  6. We conduct a round of AS9100 Rev C internal audits, with your internal auditors acting as “shadow” auditors for additional training purposes
  7. We help conduct an AS9100 Rev C compliant Management Review.

As with all Oxebridge programs, the resulting systems and documentation are completely custom to your organization, and not boilerplate-based.

For more on AS9100, click here.

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Please note that companies seeking AS9100 Rev C upgrade services must have a current ISO 9001 or AS9100 certificate, provided by an accredited registrar, or additional services (and costs) may be required.